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150Hz Face Dark Spot Remover Machine Medical Plasma Pen Shrink Pores Skin Lifting

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dermasha
Certification: CE
Model Number: VP-B26
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Package Size/Weight: 44X42X29cm/9.5kg
Delivery Time: with 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Detail Information

Input Voltage: AC110V/220V,50-60Hz Frequency: 15-150Hz
Output Power: 10-60W Control Display: Colour Touch Screen
Handles: Flash Plasma + Ozone Plasma Feature: Face Lifting, Pore Remover, Spots Removal
High Light:

150Hz Dark Face Spot Remover Machine


Plasma Pen Face Spot Remover Machine


Shrink Pores Dark Spot Remover Machine

Product Description

Medical plasma pen face lifting shrink pores skin elasticity plasma shower face spots removal machine



1.Principle :


At the right distance from the skin ionises the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create a small electrical arc,similar to a tiny lightning bolt.
It use the difference in voltage between the device and a person's skin to generate a small electrical arc or plasma discharge and aporizes liquid in the skin.
It only damaging very specific cells, thereby encouraging new cell growth and renewal of larger areas.

Non-invasive skin tightening with especially great results on the eyelids
Treatment areas can include
Upper and lower eyelids
Lips(smokers lines)
Crows feet, Forehead, Crepey neck
Jowls, Stomach, Knees


2. How does plasma shower handle works?

Plasma Shower Handpiece removes the bacteria and helps absorb essential drug to the skin tissue. A strong low-temperature atmospheric plasma on the surface of the skin sterilize the skin and the ionized radicals stimulates the skin treatment process such as skin regeneration, anti-bacteria, TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System), skin whitening and collagen generation.


Product name 2 In 1 Plasmage Beauty Machine
Shot mode 0.3S /0.4S /0.5S /0.6S
Continuous mode 2Hz /7Hz /15Hz /40Hz(2-40times inject/1sec)
Plasma Poration Power Options 21.4W-21.6W-21.8W-22.2W-22.5W 
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
Application For Home Use
Warranty 1 Year


150Hz Face Dark Spot Remover Machine Medical Plasma Pen Shrink Pores Skin Lifting 0


2 Treatment Handles:

1) White Ceramic handle with 3 tips:

 Big tip:Suitable for large area such as arms and legs;

 Medium tip:Suitable for the entire face;

 Small tip:acne areas,eye corners,dark circles,corners.


2) Gold handle with 4 tips


Tip 1: Concentrate the face contour to improve the double chin problem.
Tip 2 : It can increase the absorption of the product by 40 times, activate the cells and improve the dullness of  the skin.
Tip 3 : Enhances collagen elasticity and concentrates the texture.
Tip 4: Instantly removes epidermis scars, ink, spots, freckles.


150Hz Face Dark Spot Remover Machine Medical Plasma Pen Shrink Pores Skin Lifting 1

150Hz Face Dark Spot Remover Machine Medical Plasma Pen Shrink Pores Skin Lifting 2


What is Plasma?

·Gas aterials apply energy. The ionization generated by free electrons changes to a gas state. At this time, the applied energy includes various types such as heat, alternating current, direct current, and RF. In the case of plasma, a direct current is used as an energy source.

·Spark discharge sequence generated by direct current, the heat generated by spark discharge causes the skin heating up. The discharge mechanism of direct current has a great influence on the small part of the skin compared with the discharge formed by
the alternating current discharge. It is very valuable, and the DC discharge will not be damage surrounding tissue.

• Discharge is the formation of an electrically conductive connection between the tip of the device and the skin of the patient,the tip being at a distance of 4 mm from the skin. The treatment area can be seen, where air containing free electrons at the discharge point absorbs a large amount of energy, causing air to penetrate, which stops acting as an insulator and begins to direct current (electric shock). The air is ionized and becomes a plasma.

·Uses plasma to stimulate cell regeneration, which can achieve anti-aging, enhance skin absorption, antibacterial cleansing,effective whitening and brightening, improve fine lines, increase skin elasticity, enhance facial contours and remove scars.



Features & Bebefits

·The plasma is different from the laser source. There is no specific chromopher. It can be used for the part.

·Plasma forms heat from microcurrent.

·Treating sagging parts with points can shrink as quickly as possible.

·Histology uses high plasma energy to instantly heal in the nipple.

·Layer to produce collagen that regenerates the skin.

·Skin elasticity is improved by the production of new collagen.

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